Sample Base “

MDQ regards the quality of the samples as the lifeblood of the firm, the sample quality influences the research result. Because of this, we have been constantly strived to improve the quality of the sample. We implement strict review at the beginning of sample recruitment.
The Rigorous Sample Recruiting Methods
MDQ adopts the real-name registration to recruit sample base members and utilizes the ID card recognition, mobile phones, location, authentication, fraud detection, MAC/Cookie identification technology to prevent the suspicious samples mixing into the panel base.
We also use the IP address detection technology to limit the number of users to join, maximize guarantee the diversity of the sample structure. For example, using the same company or family network, they usually only have one member to become a member of the sample base.
High Quality, Representative Sample Base
MDQ extremely attaches great importance to the quality of sample base at the beginning, and strives for. As our unremitting efforts, obtained consumers consistent approval. MDQ ranks quickly of the top online sample base providers.
  1. MDQ sample base has a rich variety of features, absorbed in all sectors, different age income users in different areas, extremely representativeness. If you need to make market segmentation, even the B2B, IT people, the car owner, the child parents, corporate management, and other specific people, we can also collect the idea of target population for you through detailed classification information filtering.