Why do you choose MDQ?

Providing sample and assuring you getting excellent data.

52 survey website is MDQ own user platform, recruiting members in the form of real-name and registration, controlling the users registration by all kinds of strict indexes. The user is experiencing an interview during joining in 52 survey and only the qualified and honest person can be admitted into becoming our members. Otherwise, we develop new ways, attracting new members joining in, encouraging respondents to complete survey truthfully, as well as strictly screening the unqualified respondents with careless answers. We’re sure our sample base stay in healthy environment.

Can satisfy really the customer demand research solutions.

MDQ research system was exploited based on the diversity of the population structure and distribution, combining with various factors, such as the convenience of operation. Through professional and the logic of innovate type survey, it’ll make the research needs to be able to communicate accurately and rapidly to the respondent and complete survey. More importantly, with adopting hierarchical solution, according to your specific request, we can start and run your survey in 24 hours.

Outstanding client services

Our all employees have rich research experiences, in addition to offer accurate, coincide with your budget solution, as well as we’re also willing to propose our cognitive and insight in the process. Since the initial stage of inquiry and the whole participation progress, we will try our best to ensure a high level of responsiveness, and provide excellent service for you.