Industry leading technology will support and promote us to provide excellent service
  1. High standard of quality control methods
    Adopt the ID card recognition, mobile phones, location, authentication, fraud detection, MAC/Cookie identification technology to prevent the suspicious samples mixing into the panel base.
  2. Automatically checking function
    When users fill in the questionnaire, the system can automatically check and match the user information, the length of filing in the information, and screen out not qualified respondents after a series of parameters setting, automatic monitoring whether the good faith, serious answer.
  3. Sample General Survey System
    MDQ regularly hold a large scale of personal information of general survey for the sample base members. Fully verifies authenticity of member personal information and update timely the structure and sample.
  4. The Industry's Leading Research System
    MDQ is comprehensive development and new online survey system., which independent research and development of research system is based on Internet technology, combined with the traditional market research, online survey, operation convenience, high efficiency and so on. In addition to meet with the research needs of the enterprises and institutions (including questionnaire editing, data collection, analysis, etc.), also on the basis of the breakthrough to realize the system facilitation, highly effective, enables the user to be familiar with and use the system, speed up its popularity, adapted to the demand of the market; At the same time, the system combines the complex characteristics of China vast market, which perfects the sample function and make it very convenient to select specific target groups. The system is currently the leading in domestic and even international market in the same system, very suitable for the Chinese research services market which is ground wide person and super consumers.