VPCS AD Measurement

MDQ combined with its own real-name sample base and online research system, the VPCS AD measurement system. According to appreciate advertising (View), raters (Poll), a vote (Comment), carry out investigation (Survey) process, conduct comprehensive evaluation for different types of advertising, such as video and the plane, and help advertisers timely access to the consumer to get the feedback and ideas.



VPCSVPCS Advertisement Measurement Demo

VPCS Advertisement Measurement


 • In-depth Obtain Advertisement Effect Feedback

The advertising assessment services of MDQ will help you understand the user's impression of your advertising and attitude, digital consumer memory of AD viscous, compared with other advertising effect, etc., which will help you to better know the current situation of the enterprise in the consumers' mind, analytical potential consumption value and market information, promote the competitiveness of the brand.


•Enhance the Brand Image with A New Way

On operation online platform, MDQ has gathered hundreds of thousands of users who they love life and are willing to share their ideas with others. They are the mainstream of the society and lead their lives. By VPCS AD measurement, not only c make this part of the new knowledge or more familiar with your products and the enterprise, also everyone know that you are an enterprise which concerned about and care about the consumer ideal. By a new way and good reputation, promote your brand image, as well as will further consolidate your brand image.