Service Content

» Sample Service

MDQ recruits sample in the form of real-name and registration, owing excellent sample base, so that we can target the suitable respondents for you in the short time. We have the stratified sampling and multipath collecting ability so that can quickly understand thoughts of your target audience.


» Survey System

MDQcan quickly and efficiently perform any complexity of online research project, containing the user research, employee satisfaction survey, new product research, product samples, etc. In the meanwhile, effectively handle data collection you need to meet your needs and ensure the quality, efficient and professional.


»  VPCSAdvertisement Measurement

MDQ combined with its own real-name sample base and online research system, the VPCS AD measurement system. According to appreciate advertising (View), raters (Poll), a vote (Comment), carry out investigation (Survey) process, conduct comprehensive evaluation for different types of advertising, such as video and the plane and help advertisers timely access to the consumer to get the feedback and ideas.


» Mobile Survey

MDQ mobile survey system utilizes the high adhesiveness both respondents and mobile phones or mobile equipments. For example, when respondents enter into the airport network coverage the system can automatically send invitations to the respondents of mobile phones, After respondent receives the information can be directly involved in. Respondents also can participate in the survey through scanning the QR code.


» Precision Marketing

Though MDQ system, can one-to-one set name, gender of short message or the email recipient, such as "Dear Xiaoming" rather than "Dear members," so that the respondent who received survey questionnaire feel more kindness, as well as increase response rate.